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2022 Steel Making Material Additive Molybdenum Scrap

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About 60% of Mo scrap is used to produce stainless and cunstructional engineering steels. The remainder is used to produce alloy tool steel , super alloy, high speed steel, cast iron and chemicals.

Steel and metal alloy scrap-the source of recycled molybdenum


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By far the largest use of molybdenum is as  alloying elements in steels. It is therefore mostly recycled in the form of steel scrap.Molybdenum “units” are returned to the surface where they melt together with the primary molybdenum and other raw materials to make steel.

The proportion of scrap reused varies by products segments .

Molybdenum-containing stainless steels like these type 316 solar water heaters are diligently collected at the ir end-of-life due to their nigh value.

In the longer term-The use of molybdenum from scrap is expected to grow to about 110000 tonnes by 2020 representing  a return to about 27% all moly use. By that time,scrap availability in china will increase to over 35000 tonnes annually. Today, Europe is sttill the region with highest first use of moly scrap with about 30000 tonnes per year. Unlike China, Europe’s use of scrap is expected to stay at more or less the same proportion of the total unti2020.

By 2020, approximately 55000 tonnes annually of Mo units worldwide will orginate from revert scrap: about 22000 tonnes from old scrap and the remainder will be split  between blend material and first use scrap. By 2030, Mo from scrap is expected to reach 35% of all Mo used,a result of further maturing of the economies of China,India and other developing countries and an increasing emphasis on separating and recycling valuable streams of material.

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